1910 3 ½ HP JAP SV

1910 JAP

Appearance As contemporary photo.


Specification  Believed similar to White and Poppe versions and assumingly mentioned in the 1909 Stanley Show Report here.



This seems to be an interim JAP engined model of which no press announcements have been found (at August 2014).

Additional Information - (Available to members in downloads section)

  • The Motor Cycle, 21st July 1910 - The Precision Power Unit Article.
  • The Motor Cycle, 24th Nov 1910 - The Olympia Show Report Article.
  • Cycle and Motor Trades review, March 17th 1910.
  • Advertisements and images as published in 1910.


  • Cycle and Motor Trades review, March 17th 1910, pp 290, 294.
  • Motor Cycle photo taken Saturday 10th September 1910 at the start of the Palmour Cup trial from Hull to York and back. Reproduced in Classic Motor Cycle, August 1993.