1947 Model

During the war years, Harold Nock of Metal Profiles Limited aquired from Bruce Douglas, of Bristol, the name and goodwill of the twice-defunct Calthorpe company. Around the same time he joined forces with Leslie Dawson of Dawson's Motorcycles Wolverhampton (D.M.W). Lesie departed the company in 1948 and production moved to the Metal Profiles factory in Valley Road, Sedgley, because the Wolverhampton premises was too small.
Metals Profile Company announced a new motorcycle the "Calthorpe-D.M.W" in 1945. It was a 125cc Villiers engined bike using D.M.W. patented telescopic forks, and although it made it into production, the Calthopre name was dropped before it reached the market.

1948 125cc

Appearance As picture 



Engine - Villiers two-stoke, 50mm x 62mm having a capacity of 125 c.c.

Carburettor - 

Magneto - 

Petrol Tank - 1 1/2 gallons capactiy.

Front Forks - Patent D.M.W. telescopic.

Transmission - 

Gearbox - Three speed built as unit with engine.

Wheels - 4inch front and 5inch rear brakes.

Tyres - 19in. x 3in. Dunlop.

Electrics - 


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  • 1945 The Motor Cycling magazine - The Calthopre Stages a Comeback article. 


  •  1945 The Motor Cycling magazine article.