1911 3 ½ HP Precision SV TT Model


Appearance As Picture.

The main change for 1911 was the adoption of the latest drop frame where the rear of the tank is cut away to give a significantly lower saddle position.



Similar to the Touring Model, with the main differences listed below;

Engine - 3 ½ h.p. Precision SV, 86 mm. bore and 88 mm. stroke.

Transmission - Fixed drive, variable pulley.

Frame - Shorter wheel base from Touring model, viz, 48in., dropped frame, rigid forks, and no pedalling gear.




Additional Information - (Available to members in downloads section)

  • The Motor Cycle, 21st July 1910 - The Precision Power Unit Article.
  • The Motor Cycle, 24th Nov 1910 - The Olympia Show Report Article.
  • The Motor Cycle, 17th Nov. 1910 - Forecast and Guide to Olympia Article.
  • Advertisements and images as published in 1911.


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