1913 3 ½ HP Green Precision water cooled OHV

1913 greenprecision

Appearance As Picture.



Engine - 3 ½ h.p. Green-Precision, 85 mm. bore x 88 mm. stoke giving a capacity of 499 c.c., side by side m.o.i.v.

Carburetter - A.M.A.C or B & B fitted as standard.

Ignition - Bosch Magneto - with large guard.

Tank - Rounded tank shape, 2 gallons petrol capacity and 3 pints oil, Best and Loyd semi-automatic drip feed lubricator, Petrol sump and filter, screw-down filler caps.

Transmission - D.H.K. three-speed gear. (Change is effected by means of dog clutches. Plate clutch is carried on the counter-shaft.)

Frame - Druid forks standard, weldless steel tubing.

Wheels - 26 in. or 28 in.

Standard Fittings - XL-All pan seat, large aluminium footboards, Calthopre patent quick-detachable sidecar joints, side sheilds to front mudguards, spring-up back stand, front wheel stand, tubular carrier with large pannier bags.



Calthorpe two-speed countershaft gear, complete with kick starter , OR with three-speed Armstrong gear, OR with single fixed drive.

Calthopre patent quick-detachable sidecar joints fitted unless specified otherwise.


Calthorpe gear is driven by a chain from the engine and then belt to rear wheel. No change from 1912 gear except the provision of an adjustable belt pulley. 

Rear chain stays in all models are made sufficiently wide to allow a hub gear to be fitted to the fixed gear models at any time and without structural alteration should a change be required.

Special designed petrol sump to ensure the last drop of petrol is used from the tank.

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