1913 3 ½ HP Precision OHV TT

1913 tt ohv

Appearance As Picture.



Engine - 3 ½ h.p. Precision O.H.V., 85 mm. bore x 88 mm. stoke giving a capacity of 499 c.c.

Carburetter - A.M.A.C or B & B fitted as standard.

Ignition - Bosch Magneto - with large guard.

Tank - Rounded tank shape, 2 gallons petrol capacity and 3 pints oil, Best and Loyd semi-automatic drip feed lubricator, screw-down filler caps.

Transmission - Fixed belt drive.

Frame - Druid forks standard, weldless steel tubing.

Wheels - 26 in. or 28 in.

Standard Fittings - 'Ordinary' Brooks B104 saddle, Footrests instead of footboards, wide handlebars, side sheilds to front mudguards, spring-up back stand, front wheel stand, tubular carrier with large pannier bags.



Calthorpe two-speed countershaft gear, complete with kick starter , OR with three-speed Armstrong gear, OR with single fixed drive.


Rear chain stays in all models are made sufficiently wide to allow a hub gear to be fitted to the fixed gear models at any time and without structural alteration should a change be required.

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