1920 2 ¾ h.p. "Calthorpe Two-Stroke"

1920 2stroke

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Engine - 2 ¾ h.p. PECO, 75 mm. bore x 79 mm. stroke having a capacity of 350 c.c. Two stroke of the three port type. Hoffman roller main bearings and crank pin.

Carburetter - Amac.

Ignition - High-tension variable Magneto, handle bar control.

Tank - 1 ¼ gallons petrol, 1 quart oil.

Lubrication - "Patent and perfect system" (No oil mixed with petrol), through a sight drip feed Lubricator.

Transmission - Enfield Patent Two-Speed gear and Free-Engine with cush sprocket. Roller chains from engine sprocket to gear. ¾in. Dunlop belt from fixed pulley off gear to rear belt rim.

Frame - Weldless steel tubing, all vital parts reinforced, Druid girder spring forks.

Brakes - Rear acting on belt rim, operated from foot pedal and powerful Bowden front brake.

Wheels - 26in. x 2in. Dunlop Beaded Edge Studded Tyres, heavily plated steel rims with coloured centres, oil retaining dust and weather proof hubs.

Standard Fittings - Patent Pan seat, Gough or other option, rear stand, carrier, strong wide mudguards, armoured Pannier Bags with tools.

Finished in four coats of lustre enamel and all bright parts heavily plated, tank enamelled Black and Gold leaf lined.




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  • 1920 Sales Brochure, Enfield gear information and spare parts list.
  • Supplement Spare Part List For Calthorpe Motor Cycles brochure.
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  • 1920 Sales Brochure.