1923 3 h.p. "Calthorpe-Combination"

1923 Lightweight combination

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Engine - 3 h.p. PECO, 75mm. bore x 79mm. stroke having a capacity of 350c.c. Two stroke of the three port type. Heavy Phosphor Bronze Bearings of large dimensions. Roller bearing to big end of connecting rod.

Carburetter - B. & B., Two-lever.

Ignition and Lighting Set - M.L. Mag-Dyno, with variable ignition and accumulator. Set of three lamps or C.A.V. Magneto.

Tank - 1 ¾ gallons petrol, 1 quart oil. Enamelled Red and lined Black.

Lubrication - "Patent and perfect system" (No oil mixed with petrol), through a sight drip feed Lubricator.

Transmission - Burman Three-Speed Countershaft, with Clutch and Kick Starter. ⅞ Dunlop Belt.

Frame - Weldless steel tubing, all vital parts reinforced, Patent Girder, spring forks.

Brakes - External contracting band brake, Farodo-lined, operated by heal peal to rear wheel, powerful Bowden rim front brake.

Wheels - 24in. x 2 ½ in. Beaded Edge Studded tyres, heavily enamelled Steel Rims, oil retaining dust and weather proof hubs.

Side Car - Coach built of unique design, roomy and comfortable, with patented cantilever rear springs and Apron.

Standard Fittings - Patent Spring Pan seat, rear stand, with tools, carrier and pannier bags, strong wide mudguards.



Available less lighting set for reduced price.


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  • 1923 Sales Brochures. (2-Stroke Lightweights, Blackburne & Lightweight Combination Models)
  • The Motor Cycle, Nov. 30th, 1922 - The Olympia Show Report Artice.
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  • 1923 Sales Brochures.