1925 3 ½ h.p. JAP - Combination

1925 combination

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Engine - 3 ½ h.p. JAP 4-stroke, 70mm. x 90mm. bore and stroke, having a capacity of 350 c.c., roller big end and pulley side main bearing.

Lubrication - Mechanical oil pump on engine shaft, through adjustable sight feed on tank.

Carburettor - B. & B., 2-lever.

Tank - 1¾ gallons petrol, 1½ quarts oil, enamelled black, gold lined.

Ignition - C.A.V. Magneto, variable.

Gearbox - Burman 3-speed, 3-plate clutch and kick starter. All chain drive transmission with shock absorber in clutch.

Wheels and Tyres - 26 x 2½ in. , with Dunlop Cord studded tyres.

Frame - Weldless steel tubing, patent girder spring forks. Sidecar lugs incorporated.

Mudguards - D section 4in. front and 6in. rear extending over 180° of the wheel, tools and toolbox.

Brakes - Internal expanding hub front and rear.

Standard Fittings - Large pan seat well sprung and slung on frame.

Sidecar - Coachbuilt, of best qualit wood and strong design, with door, apron and locker in rear, well sprung with 4in. D section guard sprung with body. Chassis easily detachable on 3 point suspension. 




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  • 1925 Sales Brochure.
  • Advertisements as published in 1928.
  • The Motor Cycle - Care and Maintenance article - 350cc OHV.
  • Oil pump patent documenatation as used on some 1925 models.



  • 1925 Sales Brochure.