1927 350cc OHV Sports Model D.6.A.

 1927 Sports D6A

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Engine - 3 ½ h.p. 4-stroke OHV, 74mm. x 81mm. bore and stroke, having a capacity of 348c.c., enclosed overhead rocker gear, running on roller bearings and automatically lubricated from timing case. Double row roller big end and main bearing.

Lubrication - Mechanical oil pump on engine shaft, direct to big end under pressure.

Carburettor - AMAC T.T. type.

Tank - 2 gallons petrol, 1 quarts oil, enamelled lustre black, lined panel gold.

Ignition - B.T.H. varibale magneto.

Gearbox - Burman 3-speed, heavy plate clutch and kick starter, heavy roller chain front and back.

Wheels and Tyres - 26 x 2½ in. , with Dunlop Cord tyres.

Frame - Weldless steel tubing, patent girder spring forks.

Brakes - Large expanding hub front and rear.

Standard Fittings - Patent spring seat, strong steel mudguards with stays, welded steel pannier bag, knee grips fitted to tank, large plated exhaust and silencer.



Rear carrier and extra tool bag.

Available with choice of 3 side cars fitted (click links below to view):

Sports Aluminum Side Car, painted or frosted.

Super Sports Frosted Aluminium Octagonal Side Car, fitted with screen, rear locker and apron.

Super Sports Polished Aluminium Side Car, fitted with upholstred bucket seat, windscreen and separate rear locker.


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  • 1927 Sales Brochure.
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  • The Motor Cycle, July 21st, 1927 - Road Test of the 500cc OHC G1 Model.


  • 1927 Sales Brochure.