1929 350cc Ivory


Appearance As picture 



Engine - Two-port OHV design of 3 1/2 h.p., 74mm bore x 81mm stroke having a capacity of 348 c.c. Domed racingpiston.

Carburettor - Sports Amac.

Magneto - B.T.H with variabe ignition.

Petrol Tank - 2 gallons capacity. Enamelled and lined. Inserted rectangular instrument panel.

Lubrication - Pilgrim mechanical pump. Seperate oil tank of 2 quarts capacity, fitted on saddle tube.

Transmission - Chain to primary drive.

Gearbox - Pivot type Burman 3-speed

Wheels - 6inch internally expanding brakes.

Tyres - 26in. x 3.25in. North British wired on sports tyres.

Front and rear stands.

Mudguards and tank finished in Calthorpe Ivory, black lined.



Trip or Non-Trip Speedometer built into front wheel and mounted on front forks.

Lucas Mag-dyno or Miller dynamo lighting set.

Specially tuned Racing Engine.


First of the well known Ivory models.

Only Ivory model with a Vertical engine.

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  • Complete 1929 sales brochure.
  • 1929 Ivory model brochure.
  • Road test published in The Motor Cycling magazine.
  • Road test published in Motor Cycling magazine.
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  •  1929 sales brochure.