1932 350cc Ivory Junior

1932 350cc

Appearance As picture (see 1932 500cc model for right-hand view)



Engine - 3 1/2 h.p. Two-port OHV design, 74mm bore x 81mm stroke having a capacity of 348 c.c. Aluminium piston, dry sump lubrication.

Carburettor - Amac T.T type, controlled by a twist grip and seperate air level.

Petrol Tank - 2 1/4 gallons capacity. Chromium plated with ivory top, insetted with a rectangular instrument panel incorporating the lighting switch, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and quick release filler cap.

Forks - New Druid design.

Transmission - Roller chain throughout, totally enclosed in cast aluminuim oilbath gearcase with oil feed to primary and dynamo chains.

Gearbox - Special three-speed Burman with hand change.

Wheels - 6inch internally expanding brakes.

Tyres - 26in. x 3.25in. Dunlop heavy 4-ply cord studded.

Mudguards - 6in. wide and 2 1/2in. deep, semi-circular section.

Electrics - Fitted standard with coil ignition, lighting set and horn or separate dynamo and magneto at option. 

Front and rear stands, Terry heavyweight de Luxe saddle.


Finished in Calthorpe Ivory or ebony black at option, and lined to suit the colour.



Trip or non-trip Smiths speedometer with internal front wheel drive.

Magneto lighting set.

Four-speed gearbox.

Chromium plated tank panels.



Notable changes from 1931 model: Introduction of cast aluminum chaincase totally enclosing primary and dynamo chains (where fitted), 500cc versions appear.


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  • 1932 350cc Ivory sales brochure.
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  • Estimate production and known surviving machine figures.



  •  1932 Ivory Calthorpe sales brochures.