1935 250cc Ivory

1935 250cc color1935 250cc left

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Engine - Two-port OHV design, 67mm bore x 70mm stroke having a capacity of 247 c.c. Aluminium piston.

Carburettor - Amal T.T type with down draught and straight induction, twist grip control and separate air levers on Amal 'clean bar' type handlebar.

Magneto - Spigot mounted and chain driven.

Petrol Tank - 2 3/4 gallons capacity. Enamelled and lined. Inserted rectangular instrument panel.

Front Forks - Girder type.

Transmission - Chain to primary drive, enclosed in an oilbath gearcase with oil feed to primary and dynamo chains.

Gearbox - Burman four-speed, enclosed foot change or hand change option.

Wheels - 6inch internally expanding brakes.

Tyres - 26in. x 3.25in Dunlop studded wired-on cord.

Electrics - Miller 6v coil ignition or separate dynamo and magneto as required. 8 inch Miller headlight.

Front and rear stands, Terry de luxe pattern saddle.

Finished in Calthorpe Ivory and black or black and gold at option.



Trip or Non-Trip Speedomater built into front wheel and mounted on front forks.

Chromium-plated tank.


Additional Information  - (Available to members in downloads section)

  • Road Test for 500cc model as published in Motor Cycling magazine (Dec 11th, 1935). 
  • Complete 1936 sales brochure.
  • Estimate production and known surviving machine figures.


  •  1936 Ivory Calthorpe sales brochure.