1937 350cc Ivory


Appearance As picture (See 500cc model for left-hand side view)



Engine - Two-port OHV design, 72mm bore x 86mm stroke having a capacity of 349 c.c. Aluminium piston.

Carburettor - Amal T.T type with down draught and straight induction, twist grip control and separate air levers on Amal 'clean bar' type handlebar.

Magneto - B.T.H. Spigot mounted and chain driven. (6V Miller coil ignition at option)

Petrol Tank - 3 gallons capacity. Enamelled and lined. 

Front Forks - Girder type of Druid manufacture.

Transmission - Chain to primary drive, enclosed in an oilbath gearcase with oil feed to primary and dynamo chains.

Gearbox - Burman four-speed, with four-plate clutch, enclosed foot change or hand change at option.

Wheels - 7inch internally expanding brakes.

Tyres - 26in. x 3.25in. Goodyear.

Electrics - Miller 6v coil ignition or separate dynamo and magneto as required. 8 inch Miller headlight.

Front and rear stands, Terry heavyweight de luxe pattern saddle.


Finished in Calthorpe Ivory or chrome and red at option, and lined to suit the colour.



Trip or Non-Trip Speedomater built into front wheel and mounted on front forks.

Specially tuned Racing Engine with optional Upswept Exhaust Pipes at request.



Petrol tank instrument panel dropped, ammeter and light switch in Miller headlight. Tank capacity increased to 3 gallons resulting in shape change from 1936 models.

Engine bottom end standerdised for 350 & 500 cc models with both engines having a stroke of 86mm. This allowed for the same frame to be used on the 350 & 500 cc machines.


Additional Information  - (Available to members in downloads section)

  • 1937 sales brochure.
  • Estimate production and known surviving machine figures.
  • 350/500cc Instruction Book & Spare Parts List
  • Motor Cycling 350cc Road Test
  • "Disney's Special" Sales Leaflet (Red Version)


  •  1937 Ivory Calthorpe sales brochure.